I am grateful for the trust my clients place in me and honored by those willing to share their experience below.

I worked with David Craig Utts as I was taking on a senior leadership role in a complex global business integration. David was extremely effective in assisting me in developing a better skill set in creating alignment across diverse and competing elements of the organization and build a centered and individually authentic style of leadership that was very effective. I would highly recommend David to anyone who is serious about developing leadership as an organizational core competency.

Kevin Gregson Americas Leader Insurance Industry Client Management, Willis Towers Watson

Through my work with David Craig Utts, I gained crystal clarity around the direction for my firm and realized the real power a heart felt vision has on forwarding results. I was also able to affect my team on a whole other level.  All of this has enabled me to have the authentic, courageous conversations necessary to set up steady growth of our firm for years to come. While I had some leadership chops before my work with David, he is truly a sage, and I grew more as a leader in our nine months together than I had over the past ten years combined. The benefit I gained has continued to deepen and I am indebted to David for his outstanding support in my career.

Jim Murphy Managing Partner, JLM Consulting, LLC and Former CEO, DCI Group

David Craig Utts assisted me in refining my organizational skills, suggested ways to better articulate and align vision and strategy, and helped me strengthen the habits necessary to maximize my success as a CEO. It worked, and as a result, our organization enjoyed the best results in its history.

Allyn Lamb Former CEO, AG Choice Farm Credit

I hired David Craig Utts to support me during my transition in taking over a national leadership role at a critical time for our business. He provided stellar advice, a clear framework that helped me to crystallize my vision, streamline my decision-making, strengthened my alignment with my direct reports, and - most importantly - helped me quickly improve our overall business performance. If you are a senior executive who is transitioning into a larger role, I highly recommend you speak to David.

Carl Hess Head of Risk, Investment and Reinsurance - Willis Towers Watson

The insights I received from working with David Craig Utts were invaluable. During our work together, he helped me to:

  • Focus on the right things as I developed a revolutionary strategy for my group
  • Successfully Assess and strengthen my team
  • Engage all my relationships more effectively because of his coaching and the principles he teaches

The experience of working with David was one of my best professional development experiences, ever! I am confident that the experience of working with him will be impactful the rest of my career.

Karen Klein SVP, Technology Services Transamerica

David Craig Utts was a tremendous help in improving my impact as a leader, and, even after more than ten years of us first working together, I still use what I learned during my engagement with David. His influence has also been an essential part of why I have continued to climb in my career. Working with David and his holistic approach, opened my eyes to how important developing leadership is to magnifying one's experience and expertise. I certainly recommend David to anyone looking to develop professionally to help achieve the next level of their leadership and career.

John Hendrickson COO, Ramco-Gershenson Properties Trust

Through my work with David Craig Utts, the confidence in my leadership  was significantly enhanced as I  improved my ability to create strong alignment across various departments I must interact with.  This has allowed me to consistently achieve goals beyond expectations, with greater ease. To this day, I am reaping the rewards from working with David as my advisor.

Don Briggs EVP of Development, Federal Reality Investment Trust

David Craig Utts assisted me to grow as a leader and also supported me to fulfill a vision I had for our firm to build an environmental practice. He served as an invaluable sounding board as I authored a business case for senior partners in our firm. The business case was accepted, and I was given the resources necessary to “green field” the practice. Within the year I gained several key customers, and the firm fully vested the practice, and I was named national practice leader. I am so grateful for the time I worked with David.

Kathy Nieland Partner, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

David Craig Utts has been a valuable resource for me, my team and AT&T. He assisted me personally in many ways, but primarily in helping me increase my leadership effectiveness and our team’s performance. What I appreciate most about David is that his approach was very aligned with our orientation for leadership and developing high performing teams. His thought process is highly strategic in an ever-changing business environment. David Craig takes the time to make sure his approach is always organizationally relevant and results focused.

Robert Zillian Former President, AT&T-TESCO

Bottom line - working with David Craig Utts inspires greater leadership and contribution in others. I got more than I expected from my engagement with him. So much so that I had David work with five other key leaders in my organization. In every case, not only did these individuals become much stronger leaders - they had a measurable impact on our business that far exceeded our investment. If you are looking to enhance your success - I highly recommend you contact David.

Mike Mellor Partner, DiSanto, Priest & Co.