This aim of this page is to offer key resources that support my clients and others in awakening and deepening their development as leaders.  Below are a series of webinars, core books and white papers that provide the foundations that will support an up-leveling of your mindset. 

Previously Recorded Webinars

Dispelling Myths Around Leadership and What It Takes to Develop It

Are leaders born or are they made?  This is a question that has been explored for many years.  This video shares a new universal, integrated model of leadership that has emerged out of research done by Bob Anderson of the Full Circle Group.

Bob's deep research reveals that leadership is inherent in every human being and points not only to a clear definition of leadership but also points to a natural path or leadership development that supports both organizations and executives who aspire to greater impact as leaders.                                                                Follow This Link to Watch.

Part I: Foundations of Leadership

This webinar explores breakthrough understandings a leader must have to better understand themselves and others.  While these new understandings are supported by recent research in neurosciences, they are easily seen in our own day-to-day experience.

These foundations serve as a means to better understand why you have certain tendencies, habits and preferences as well as reveal what has to happen for you to overcome those tendencies that get in the way of being a more effective leader. Also, understanding these principles give us great insight into others we report to, lead and engage on a daily basis as a leader.                                                 Follow This Link to Watch

Part II: Foundations of Leadership

In Part I of this webinar series, I emphasized what a leader must understand about the human experience and in themselves to develop their leadership. In this webinar I share fundamental distinctions that support a leader to bring out the best in others, build strong alignment and forward what is most important for their organization.

These distinctions also support an executive in being more influential with all their key stakeholders.  The webinar also reviews some of the most powerful distinctions from Chalmers Brothers' and Vinay Kumar's book "Language and The Pursuit of Leadership Excellence" referenced below. 

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