Meeting and Offsite Facilitation

Have a high-stakes meeting or off-site retreat coming up?

It’s nearly impossible for an executive leader to elicit each team member’s best thinking when the key decision maker leads a meeting.

A neutral facilitator can be essential for navigating complex leadership team dynamics while working towards a common goal. Having an outside facilitator to keep the team on track can make or break the results you achieve in your precious time together.

If this resonates, consider bringing me on to facilitate the experience. I specialize in supporting both executive and functional teams to:

  • Create shared ownership and alignment around your core mission, strategies, priorities and projects
  • Increase your group’s overall team performance
  • Develop strategies that improve the fulfillment of your priorities
  • Help team members build stronger relationships with each other
  • Be more creative and innovative in your ability to deliver value to the organization and each other
  • Develop leadership skills

Working together, we will co-design your meeting in a way that most engages the group while making sure you achieve the outcomes you most desire. The goal will be to produce results that will endure for weeks and months that follow the meeting.

A facilitated session also reinforces team collaboration. Such an experience is a good way for your team to appreciate how a collaborative approach ensures a high quality of work gets done with greater ease.

Contact me today to explore how we can best support you in your upcoming meeting or retreat.