Executive Presence Development Course

A key quality of Authentic Courageous Leader is your ability to operate from your center moment-to-moment. When you are able to do so, you are able to solve any problem that arises and do so in an atmosphere of collaboration. Achieving this state of centeredness is the core of Executive Presence .  The stronger Executive Presence becomes, the greater your resilience and ability to remain present even in the most intense situations.  Such presence also dissolves the impact of stress.

One of the key ways you can evolve your executive presence is through a daily sitting or meditation practice.    Below you can download written instructions as well as two guided meditation audio recordings that will support you in building a meditation practice.

Also included on this page are recent blog posts on the value of executive presence as well as links to Ted Talks that share research on the many benefits of meditation.

                       Presence Is The Fundamental Ground of                       Authentic Courageous Leadership

Guidance for Engaging Meditation

Downloading and using these instructions and audios will support you in building your executive presence.  The practice I prescribe comes from 30 years of my own research and practice. These tools will support you in gaining the most from your sitting practice.

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