David’s Bio

David Craig Utts has over 30 years of business experience as well as 20 years of practice supporting the development of leadership for senior executives.  In addition to his private practice, David serves as Director of Community and Learning Development for Nourishing JourneyNourishing Journey is a wellness, detox and spiritual center located in Columbia, Maryland. The Center offers an integral approach that supports healing bodies, opening minds and uniting hearts.  It is a perfect marriage of roles; that demonstrates David’s commitment to living a whole and integrated life.

David Craig has studied a unique mix of leadership principles, eastern and western philosophy, organizational development methodologies, as well as recent breakthrough findings from neuroscience.  Through all of this David Craig has created an operating manual that supports business leaders to consistently turn their visions into reality at today’s lightning speed pace.

David Craig has helped top corporate, small business and nonprofit leaders and their teams apply this “manual” to recalibrate their vision, engage strategies to turn their vision into reality, enhance team performance and energize the growth of their businesses.


Our ability to be creative visionaries has been far underrated while our ability to control how things unfold has been over exaggerated.  To succeed at today’s break neck speed, business leaders must learn to trust their natural instincts and awaken that trust in others around them. This is the ONLY way to operate a high speed effectively.

David Craig Utts

David’s Background Includes:

  • 30 years of experience in business working for organizations in a cross section of industries.
  • Over 20 Years of experience as a business adviser and executive coach in some of the world’s most prestigious companies.
  • Masters in Science in Organizational Development, American University/NTL.
  • Studying Eastern Philosophy for over 30 years, including six months of experiential research in India.
  • Keynote speaker in organizations, at conferences and for professional associations.