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Postulates of Authentic Courageous Leadership

Authentic Courageous Leadership

I have pointed in earlier posts that the world is craving greater leadership. And for the most part, up till recently, we have misunderstood the true path of leadership development. In this post, I offer some pointings that support the unfoldment of Authentic Courageous Leadership.  When followed these will dramatically increase your capacity to be […]

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Leadership is Not a Quest for More

Leadershp is not a quest for more

Every morning when we wake up, the habit of living our daily life begins. At a deeper level, we desire this day to be better than the last, and because of this, we expect the next day to be even better. Because of this are continually seek new ideas that will increase our success, how […]

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Part Two: The Nuclear Power Behind Your Leadership

Introduction The goal of this two-part series is to highlight the real power behind leadership and its continuous development in the human being. This power is one’s self-awareness. In part I of this blog series, I emphasize that the primary benefits of expanding one’s self-awareness. These advantages include: Sharper focus Increasing creativity More energy The […]

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Part One: The Nuclear Power Behind Your Leadership

The Nuclear Power of Leadership

There is one nuclear power behind all great leaders and this power is not what you ‘think.’ Ask most executives, ‘Is leadership critical to the success of your venture?’ The answer is ‘yes!’ And each year, leadership rises as the number one talent development needs for corporations. This is according to Deloitte’s latest ‘Human Capital […]

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UBER – The Tale of Another Traumatized Executive

Uber CEO, Childhood Trauma and Leadership

Yesterday, Travis Kalanick, UBER’s CEO announced he was taking an extended leave of absence. Recently, the leadership of embattled CEO is also under significant scrutiny due to alleged sexual harassment and dismal record around diversity. As noted in reports, the board is stepping in to try to transform the culture. These shifts include revisiting the […]

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Improve Results and Cut The Drama

As an executive leader, have you heard these comments or have similar statements ever parted your lips? That’s not what I expected! Why didn’t you follow through? These are just not up to our standards of quality. That’s not what I asked you to do! Why did you focus on that, there are bigger priorities? […]

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You Say You Want to Lead?

The term ‘leadership; has so many definitions. In fact, if you search for leadership on Amazon, over 215,000 tiles come up in a pursuit of leadership books. Many business executives are avid readers on the subject and many organizations invest heavily in the development of leadership. Given that, the question becomes why don’t more managers […]

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Three Misunderstandings That Block Executives from Thriving as True Leaders

I have worked with hundreds of aspiring leaders over the past twenty years as a leadership development consultant. Those that have made the greatest strides embodying leadership have been those who have been willing to embrace the unique expression of leadership within them and who did the work to evolve. There have been many others […]

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A Street View on Leadership

What does it take to embody leadership? What are the fundamental behaviors that set great leaders apart from average leaders? What is the return on investment when strong leadership is present? These are core questions answered in the webinar (video above) led by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams of the Full Circle Group.  Over one […]

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Descartes Error: You Can’t Think Your Way Into Leadership

In 1637, Descartes’s famous postulate, ‘I think therefore I am’ was first published in his Discourse on the Method. Descartes’s premise served as a fundamental element in western philosophy and became a foundational premise in human consciousness. While the power of analysis and the human intellect is unquestionable, we live in a world that is […]

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