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The Heart of Executive Success

One question most executives continuously ask is ‘how can I/we be more effective in growing our business or fulfilling our mission?’ While such reflection can lead to more innovative approaches, often it causes undue stress. This pressure comes from the belief that most senior leaders have that greater success is on their shoulders alone. And […]

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Postulates of Authentic Courageous Leadership

Authentic Courageous Leadership

I have pointed in earlier posts that the world is craving greater leadership. And for the most part, up till recently, we have misunderstood the true path of leadership development. In this post, I offer some pointings that support the unfoldment of Authentic Courageous Leadership.  When followed these will dramatically increase your capacity to be […]

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Leadership is Not a Quest for More

Leadershp is not a quest for more

Every morning when we wake up, the habit of living our daily life begins. At a deeper level, we desire this day to be better than the last, and because of this, we expect the next day to be even better. Because of this are continually seek new ideas that will increase our success, how […]

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Is It Time For You To Answer The Call to Lead?

The executives I have had the privilege to support have the following in common – they: Generate profound business results Own stunning business acumen Consistently stretch to the next level of achievement Care about their impact and legacy However, an increasing number of executives I run into have a question eating at their psyche – […]

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Improve Results and Cut The Drama

As an executive leader, have you heard these comments or have similar statements ever parted your lips? That’s not what I expected! Why didn’t you follow through? These are just not up to our standards of quality. That’s not what I asked you to do! Why did you focus on that, there are bigger priorities? […]

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Visionary Leaders Dispel The Myth of Future

I just came home from a networking event where the speaker delivered a presentation on a common theme – The future. It is also a topic many of my clients have a keen interest in when we start to work together. And why not, right? The future is full of new possibilities and exciting changes. […]

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Is Technology Getting In The Way of Your Leadership and Success?

As a business leader, you live in quite extraordinary time. The access you have to information and the ability to connect with others is just astounding given the technology renaissance we are experiencing. In June of this year, it will be the 10th anniversary since Apple introduced the iPhone and we have lived in the […]

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Breaking the Lies of Leadership Stereotypes

For too long we have perpetuated certain leadership stereotypes. Our primary view of leadership frames leaders as masculine, charismatic, take the hill types. Leadership speaking events typically feature CEOs, book authors and other ‘expert’ speakers that tell you what you must DO to lead and how you must change to be a ‘true leader.’ We […]

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