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Leaders Understand The Power of Momentum

Merriam Webster defines momentum as “the strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events.” Inherent in this definition is a secret that the best leaders know. These leaders understand it is not about having the perfect strategy or plan. Assuredly strategic focus and planning are critical, but at the end of […]

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Part Two: The Nuclear Power Behind Your Leadership

Introduction The goal of this two-part series is to highlight the real power behind leadership and its continuous development in the human being. This power is one’s self-awareness. In part I of this blog series, I emphasize that the primary benefits of expanding one’s self-awareness. These advantages include: Sharper focus Increasing creativity More energy The […]

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Part One: The Nuclear Power Behind Your Leadership

The Nuclear Power of Leadership

There is one nuclear power behind all great leaders and this power is not what you ‘think.’ Ask most executives, ‘Is leadership critical to the success of your venture?’ The answer is ‘yes!’ And each year, leadership rises as the number one talent development needs for corporations. This is according to Deloitte’s latest ‘Human Capital […]

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