About David Craig Utts

Ever since I can remember, I was curious about how, as human beings, we can walk our path to greater success and fulfillment. I always had a sense there was a simple answer and that if I was able to discover it, it would support me and others to achieve the greatest success and fulfillment possible.

Early on in life, I felt this pull to explore that led me to push against the status quo (yes I was a rebel). I continued this inquiry in university and graduated with a BA in psychology. 

A year out of college, I began my career in sales and found that I was good at it. Over fifteen years, I succeeded at a very high level and was always at the top of my sales team. There was no doubt; the hard work was paying off with ever increasing financial prosperity.  Yet, a deeper dissatisfaction continued.  There had to be more to life than the ebb and flow of a bank account and the things that came with it.   So I kept looking.

My quest for greater knowledge continued and included:

  •  A thirty year meditation practice.
  • A six-month sabbatical in India, learning what Eastern Philosophy had to say about life and fulfillment.
  • Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development, while still working in sales.
  • Completing two post-graduate certification programs in coaching.
  • Attending numerous programs on the development of leadership led by some amazing mentors.
  • Studying directly with teachers who genuinely understood the power of the subconscious mind and how to engage it to achieve greater success and fulfillment.
  • Reading hundreds of books in the interrelated fields of psychology, neurobiology, business, leadership, organizational development, spirituality and influence.

The seeking to find a formula for a successful life had many twists and turns. And along the way, I had to face some very challenging life situations in which I had to put to the test what I was learning. Some of what I was learning in personal and leadership development worked yet much of it didn't. I came face to face with my unique version of narcissism, arrogance, and manipulative tendencies.  I came to realize if I was going to help others with their challenges, I had to find a path to overcome my own.

As I had breakthroughs in my own life, I came to was the realization that life was not something you figure out.  Rather, I was life itself.  And, as much as we desire to discover a strategy, there is no strategy the mind can create that works consistently to bring us what we believe we want. I came to realize that the keys are discovering our extra-ordinariness, trusting it and understanding the only time we can accomplish anything is in the present moment. We can do nothing about the past nor can we predict the future. I learned the opportunity to live successful and fulfilled is contained and complete in each moment.

In examining my life and those of my clients, I also began to see we are all on a kind of hero's journey of discovery. I also came to realize that the story was not the most intriguing part of being human. The most compelling aspect of being human is the discovery of what lies behind the story and our beliefs about who we are.  This is where the true power is.  It is not on the outside of us but within and when we tap this inner power, leadership springs forth naturally.

Through some fabulous mentors and again through my amazing clients, I also came to see that leadership is not a skill set we apply but rather being a leader requires us to relax into something greater that is available to everyone yet that lies dormant in most people. It became apparent that when leadership does 'boots up' in the human being something far more compelling is possible for both the one it is waking up in as well as those who surround the leader. When this recognition came, my work with leaders began to have far greater impact.

All my experience has come together to build what I call a 'truth based process' that assists senior executives in taking the mystery out of leadership and supporting them to engage their authentic style to forward what is most important. And as my clients embrace this process they find they are more:

  • Able to maintain focus on and achieve what is most important
  • Relaxed and confident
  • Able to be more influential and build high value relationships
  •  Powerful in balancing intellectual strength with deeper intuitive instincts
  • Successful in building alignment with others
  • Competent leveraging their technical expertise and business acumen
  • Adept at succeeding in highly ambiguous and complex situations
  • Inspiring of greater performance in those around them

It became apparent through my journey that everyone is born with the capacity to lead, yet for leadership to give birth an individual must be ready to let go of old habits, stop looking for formulas and take a journey inside to discover their authenticity. There is no formula yet there is a pathway I discovered that ignites leadership in others. The key is realizing we already have everything we need within us to be both fruitful and happy. Leadership development is not about learning more concepts. Central to my process is helping the leader become more aware so they can apply their unique brand of leadership to forward their vision and priorities.

If you have made it this far reading my story and feel intrigued, I welcome you to contact me to explore how I might assist you on your hero's journey. If you do, I guarantee great possibilities lie ahead.

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