Is It Time For You To Answer The Call to Lead?

The executives I have had the privilege to support have the following in common – they:

  • Generate profound business results
  • Own stunning business acumen
  • Consistently stretch to the next level of achievement
  • Care about their impact and legacy

However, an increasing number of executives I run into have a question eating at their psyche – ‘what is this all adding up to?’  They are growing tired of taking the next mountain top and realize business can offer a lot more to those it serves, than meeting quarterly numbers. They crave to generate deeper value but also can feel trapped by the pressures that come from always trying to overcome problems to grow the business.  On top of that, the craziness of our times is wearing on them, as it is all of us. The ambiguity meter is off the charts. This uncertainty just amplifies the desire to find more harmony and meaning in our work.

Life’s Calling Can Unfold When One Feels Out of Moves

In this environment, many business executives and owners, wonder privately, has this all been worth it? What has been the cost to their life of spending so much time investing in analyzing, strategizing, managing and living the stress of what is at times a day-to-day grind?   Some run into additional challenges as they face health issues, relationship challenges, and the feeling the dream did not add up to the hype.   For most in this situation, the inner rub of dissatisfaction is constant.  While all this sounds like a downer, there is a huge silver lining in this growing angst.

In my experience, the dilemma one is facing is actually a call from life. When things stop working as well as they once did or expectations once held high fail to get met then life is usually pointing us in a new direction. The current circumstances raise questions that can lead one to discover something deeper and far more fulfilling about themselves and their purpose for being in this life. The longer these individuals resist the call, the greater the suffering becomes. But when one answers the call – it releases a new energy, more passion, and greater fulfillment. The very experience they are craving in their current situation.

What Is A Calling and How Do You Discover It?

So what is this calling? For EVERY one who faces it, it has its unique flavor. What is important to know is that you don’t have to go looking for it because it rests in your heart! So, what does it

require to gain clarity? All you have to do is finding time for solitude and explore what you genuinely care about and see that life has planted all the seeds you need to sprout your calling. It seems this lies dormant until it is time for it to grow. And what it takes to ignite appears to be a growing dissatisfaction with the status quo. Things have to turn sour for us to be willing enough to mine for the sweetness that is within us, just waiting.

There are all kinds of callings and from my own experience working with hundreds of executives – executives appear ready made for leading in some shape or form. Those that answer the call to Authentic Courageous Leadership come to see that their expertise, strong business acumen and their experiences in business have set them up for what they are here to contribute in an even more meaningful way.

Everything You Need Is Within You

So, how do you answer the question: ‘what is this all adding up to?’ You have to be willing to turn within to your heart and ask what it wants because it knows. It is not analytical. It is not something you figure out. But it is something you must claim. And when you do claim it, doors begin to open that you did not even see before. Following this road less traveled will transform your business, or it may lead you down an entirely new path of contribution.

If you are feeling burned out or tired of the hamster wheel, it is time to get off the wheel. Stop trying to figure it out; you will never find it this way. Take some vacation time and create space for a personal retreat, hire a coach, start to meditate, spend more time in nature and learn just to be! Trust yourself, your instincts and the natural trajectory of your life. They know the way. The only commitment you have to make is to step into it and be open to the clarity that will come.

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