Part Two: The Nuclear Power Behind Your Leadership


The goal of this two-part series is to highlight the real power behind leadership and its continuous development in the human being. This power is one’s self-awareness.

In part I of this blog series, I emphasize that the primary benefits of expanding one’s self-awareness. These advantages include:

  • Sharper focus
  • Increasing creativity
  • More energy
  • The ability to make better choices moment-to-moment
  • More effective problem solving

In Part II, I will share some additional insights and give you access to a primary practice that will immediately grow your self-awareness, and that can drastically and positively enhance your impact

The Challenge Every Successful Executive Faces

Stress Costs You!

Harvard Medical School released a study in 2013, which showed 96% of executives are somewhat to severely burned out. It does not matter how smart you are, how profound your business acumen is, how much experience you have – stress is part of the deal of being an entrepreneur, small business owner, and executive. There are days when it feels as if the world is on your shoulders. You feel drained.  And the intensity fries your brain.  It seems one of the hardest accomplishments for many executives is being able to take care of themselves because everything else seems more important.

Some years ago I was asked to join the coaching faculty by one of the biggest consulting firms in the world. One of the reasons they were expanding their coaching cadre was because a disproportionate number of retiring partners were dying or getting sick within a few years of leaving the firm. Based on this discovery, the Partnership realized, they had to do something.  From their research, they understood that the illnesses and deaths were the results of accumulated stress that came from the demands of being a partner. They came to realize that partners needed to develop leadership and learn strategies for reducing adverse impacts of stress.  The resulting program they developed made a significant difference and probably added years to the existing partners’ lives. Many executives do commit to working out and being more mindful of their diets.  However, they do not recognize the true underlying source of their focus, energy and creativity.

Stress is Just Part of Work But Ignoring It Doesn’t Make It Go Away

Unfortunately, there is magic wand will take stressful days away from you. Such stress is part of business and life. However, the loss of energy, focus, and creativity and the negative impact all this has on your decision making can be detrimental to your business and health.

However, for many sucking it up and pushing one’s way through it seems to be the only solution! There are a couple of problems with sucking it up and pushing your way through. First, neurosciences reveals that the harder you push without taking a break, the less productive you become. You see, the brain runs on two primary fuels – glucose and oxygen. When you keep at it and don’t provide these fuels, productivity plummets.

Second, as stress increases so does the reliance on unconscious habits of thinking and behaving. In other words, we are not fresh, and we tend to become more reactive. When this happens, we move to a kind of automatic pilot which can lead to being impatient with others, making rash decisions, and become far less present. This reactivity depletes our creativity.  Let’s explore a powerful solution.

Stress Busting Solution That Enhances Leadership Performance

Executive Presence Makes a Difference

No one has ever told you there is a better way. But there is a better way. And It can start with a 15 to 30-minute commitment a day that can reveal very positive results, in a short period.

The solution is simple. We must find ways to inject relaxation into our day. And the single biggest thing we can do to cut the negative impact of stress, regain the energy we need to be at the top of our game and sharpen our focus is to take up a meditation practice.

 How to Integrate Meditation into Your Busy Life

There are many resources out there that teach meditation. To get you started, I am offering a free course entitled ‘The Executive Development Course.”  To request free access click here.  In the course,  you will find more information on ‘Executive Presence,’ including three videos that share research behind the value of meditation.  Also, on this page, you will have access to a guided meditation I recorded that can get you started in your practice.  Give this or another meditation practice 30 days, and I promise you that you will see the benefits and once you do, you will want to continue.  And that’s good for your leadership and your health.  Gain access to my free course today!


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